Hallway Chronicles: Kenan Roten

Junior Kenan Roten’s days are jam packed with everything from challenging classes to preparation for his role in the upcoming spring musical, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” Luckily, we got the chance to talk to him about his life and his passion for theatre.


Q: How is junior year going?

A: It is tough but as long as you study, work hard and create good teacher relationships you’ll do good.


Q: What would you say are your favorite classes?

A: I like both [Honors US] History and Advanced Drama.


Q: What is your favorite part about Advanced Drama?
A: Telling a story and entertaining people


Q: I’ve heard that you have a pretty big role in the musical this year. What is the most exciting part of being able to play such a large character?

A: The opportunity to become my character and make the audience feel different feelings about the character. I’m glad I have the chance to entertain people and make people believe I am this person, as well as seeing some of my favorite songs in the play.


Q: When you need a quick food fix on the go, what would be your choice snack food?

A:  I’d have to go with extra cheddar Goldfish and double stuff Oreos.


Q: In the rare instance when you’re able to relax and rest, what are your favorite books to read?

A: I would have to say The Hobbit, The Great Gatsby or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


Kenan’s love for theatre is sure to help him in his Berkeley career and well beyond. You can see Kenan in action in Advanced Drama’s winter play “The Diviners,” which premieres January 22nd, and in the upcoming spring musical, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.”