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Humans of Berkeley: Marissa Streng

YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR: Streng created the Puff-N-Fluff dog dryer when she was in elementary school.

Shrisha Saravana, Staff Writer

November 11, 2018

Marissa Streng ’20 is a patented inventor with a trademarked product to her name. She helps run a business, teaches students about innovation and has spoken at a teacher training event hosted by the U.S. patent office. She has also been featured on Jimmy Fallon and Steve Harvey’s talk shows. What’s most sho...

Humans of Berkeley: Ethan Folkman

FIRST DAY FUN: Ethan Folkman ’21 (third from right) greets students at Bucs Stop on the first day of school. (From left) Thatcher Crouch ’21, Logan Guzik ’20, Megan Houser ’21, Rachel Kline ’20, Mary Schneider ’21, Ethan Folkman ’21, David Engel-Penaloza ’21 and Emily-Elizabeth Grams ’19

Samir Saeed, Section Editor

October 12, 2018

The Pipe and Drum Corps has been a longstanding tradition here at Berkeley. Dressed in blue kilts and black glengarries, they have brought the sounds of Scotland to our campus. One member of the group, Ethan Folkman ’21, is honoring Tampa Bay’s veterans through his music. Q: When did you fi...

Humans of Berkeley: Michael Wax

IN HIS ELEMENT: Michael Wax ’19 commentates the Berkeley Varsity Football game against Lakeland Christian.

Jack Mouch, Assistant Web Editor

September 25, 2018

  Michael Wax ’19 is a longtime Student Forum representative, broadcasting aficionado and avid sports fan. Now a senior, Wax has been at Berkeley since Pre-K, and has immersed himself in student activism during his time here. The Fanfare spoke with Wax regarding his interests, time at Berkeley and  ...

Humans of Berkeley: Jackie Hennecke

CLIMBING? CLIMB ON: Hennecke is excited to get her Berkeley Academy class climbing on the Berkeley rock wall.

Kendyl Kirtley, Section Editor

September 4, 2018

Jackie Hennecke ’20 has climbed mountains throughout her life--literally. Growing up in Alberta, Canada gave Hennecke easy access to a plethora of outdoor activities, including a backpacking camp through the Canadian Rocky Mountains that would change the course of her life. Flash forward to high school. Af...

Hallway Chronicles: McKenna Ebert

DEDICATED DESIGNER: Besides set designing, Ebert aspires to carry her passion for stage managing into a career.

Kendyl Kirtley, Staff Writer

February 14, 2018

When the curtain finally closed on the spectacular “Scenes from an Execution” production by Berkeley’s Advanced Theatre Ensemble, the crowd went wild for everything: the actors, the story and the artistry. Behind the scenes was McKenna Ebert ’18, the gifted senior who masterminded the set design...

Hallway Chronicle: Alex Tingiris

Hallway Chronicle: Alex Tingiris

Samir Saeed, Staff Writer

January 31, 2018

Alex Tingiris ’19 learned to code when he was just seven years old. Now a junior, his love for computer science and technology has immersed him in the exciting world of web development and design. The Fanfare had the opportunity to sit down with Alex to find out more about all the exciting projects he has worked...

Hallway Chronicles: Addison Aloian

Hallway Chronicles: Addison Aloian

Kendyl Kirtley, Staff Writer

October 21, 2017

Berkeley’s all-female acapella group, the Mello Divas, is known for captivating every audience they perform for. Not only have they enthralled their own school, but they have also represented Berkeley nationwide at shows and competitions. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview one of their membe...

Inside Look: Jalen Li’s All-State Band Experience

HITTING THE RIGHT NOTES: Florida's top 9th and 10th grade musicians, including Jalen Li '19, perform Holst's complex and challenging Second Suite.

John Patrick, Section Editor

April 26, 2017

    “Alright, next up is your twelve major scales.”   Jalen Li ’19 takes a deep breath, then proceeds to produce one of the most stunning technical performances to ever escape the lips of a high school clarinetist. His fingers dance nimbly across the keys like a smo...

Hallway Chronicle: Dylan Davis

Hallway Chronicle: Dylan Davis

Wade Munger, Staff Writer

April 25, 2017

    Dylan Davis  has turned the simple gift of a camera into a new and exciting hobby. His Instagram account for photography,, has caught the attention of the Berkeley community, and many students have been featured in his photoshoots.  Davis graciously allowed me the opportunity ...

Makayla Rutski: A Farmer Within Our Midst

RUNNING WILD: In addition to her many other activities, Makayla also enjoys running and is apart of the Varsity track and Cross-country teams.

Catelin Lipham, Staff Writer

April 16, 2017

Makayla Rutski ’18 is starting a farming initiative at Berkeley to feed the hungry at a local soup kitchen. By growing fresh fruits and vegetables and donating them to the soup kitchen, she hopes to provide healthy, locally-produced food to the needy.     Q: What made you want to...

Hallway Chronicle: Austi Critchfield

Critchfield is seen here being crowned Miss St. Petersburg.

Isabella Schlact, Staff Writer

March 3, 2016

Senior Austi Critchfield is this year’s Miss Saint Petersburg and founder of Roots of STEM, a nonprofit organization that encourages elementary school students to have a passion for science, technology, engineering and math. She took time out of her busy schedule to give Fanfare an inside look int...

Hallway Chronicle: Kyra McDonald

Junior Kyra McDonald on a rare break from her busy schedule.

Anjali Shah, Staff Writer

February 3, 2016

Ever wonder what it would be like to go to school every single day for a half day? The Fanfare got the opportunity to sit down with junior Kyra McDonald and talk to her about her unique school schedule. McDonald not only works hard in all her classes, but she also takes prestigious dance classes at th...