The Fanfare

A WORD OF ADVICE: Alumni Tamara L. Lundgren ’74 shares her favorite quote with the class of 2021, stating, “failing in life is inevitable, staying down is optional.”

Commencement Address 2021 by Tamara Lundgren ’74

June 8, 2021

Commencement Address  Tamara Lundgren Berkeley Preparatory School Tampa, Florida June 6, 2021     Thank you, Joe, for that very kind introduction. Good afternoon, everyone, and congratulations...

Kevin Patel Speaks about the Impact of the Class Gift

Jarah Williams June 8, 2021

Kevin Patel, class of 2021, gave the Student Gift Speech at Commencement, taking place on June 6th at Berkeley. He opened his speech describing the intimidation felt when he first stepped onto the Berkeley...

Brooks Johnson Gives a Final Thanks to the Berkeley Community

Kamora Provine June 8, 2021

Brooks Johnson ’22, the Senior Class President, had the honor of giving the oration speech. Johnson touched on many of the events of this unpredictable school year, and the audience truly got a feel...

WORDS OF ADVICE: Tripp Crouch ‘86 gives his advice and thanks to the 2021 graduating class.

Tripp Crouch ’86 Shares Wise Words

Reagan Brown, Co-Editor in Chief June 8, 2021

This year’s speaker Tripp Crouch ’86, father to senior Thatcher Crouch ’21, shared kind words and advice to the class of 2021. As a former student and Student Forum President, Crouch knows the...

Commencement 2021

Commencement 2021

June 8, 2021

  Click the links below to view! Honors Night Gallery Pictures from Honors Night     Baccalaureate Gallery Pictures from Baccalaureate     Honors...

PEACE OUT PREZ: Student Forum President Jared Watson presents the Welcome speech and speaks in front of his classmates for the last time.

Jared Watson Highlights the Class of 2021’s Achievements

Caroline Wehrell June 7, 2021

Jared Watson ’21, this year’s Student Forum president, perfectly captures the class of 2021’s high school years, when he said, “Our high school years were filled with academic successes, big wins...

PEACEFUL POET: In her class poem, Emily Bekesh ’21 compares the tranquility of nature to the gradual progression of the seniors throughout their four years of high school.

Emily Beckesh ’21 Uses Poetry to Describe the Senior Experience

June 7, 2021

Unlike the traditional speeches given at graduation, the class poet is tasked with describing the sentiments of senior year through rhyme and detail. Emily Bekesh ’21 was awarded class poet this...

Click below for full list of Honors Night Awards and Accolades

Honors Night Awards and Accolades

June 7, 2021

Awards & Accolades List      

NEW BEGINNINGS: Upper Division Director Ryan Jordan congratulates Jared Watson ’21 for being an integral part of the Berkeley community and continuing his journey at Emory University.

Seniors Watson and Graham Receive Highest Honors

Aryana Makati, Co-Editor in Chief June 7, 2021

  Each year, Upper Division seniors are recognized for their excellence in the arts, service, fellowship and academic pursuit. Two of the highest honors a senior can receive are the Betty Bruce...

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