The Fanfare

  • December 2Happy Monday!
  • December 2Today in history: In 1993, NASA launches Space Shuttle Endeavor on a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

2019-2020 Staff

Charvi Sharma

Assistant Photography Editor

Charvi Sharma is a senior this year at Berkeley Prep, and is the Head Photography Editor for the Fanfare. As well as being on the Fanfare, Charvi is a leader of the Berkeley Broadcast Network, the Math Club, and Origami Club;...

Emma Reilly

Emma Reilly is a junior who began Berkeley as a 9th grader. She’s a Section Editor on The Fanfare who also enjoys being a part of Berkeley’s ATE, Writer Center, and Diversity Programming Team. Along with a passion for writin...

Kaitlyn Mang

Staff Writer

Kaitlyn Mang is a staff writer for the Fanfare this year. She is a freshmen at Berkeley and has been here since 6th grade. Kaitlyn enjoys playing tennis in her free time and shopping at the mall. Kaitlyn loves to travel and her fa...

Meghna Bukkapatnam

Staff Writer

Meghna Bukkapatnam is a staff writer for the Fanfare this year. She is a freshman at Berkeley and has been here since 3rd grade. She has been playing the violin for the past nine years and also enjoys dancing. Meghna also likes...

Melinda Linsky


Melinda is a photographer for the Fanfare this year. She is a freshman and has addended Berkeley since Kindergarten. In addition to photography, Melinda is involved in acting, musical theatre and is an active participant in Model...

Rachel Mintz

Staff Writer

Rachel Mintz is a writer and photographer for Fanfare this year. She is a junior at Berkeley and has been at Berkeley since 8th grade. Rachel enjoys playing with her dogs, reading, and playing tennis in her spare time. Also, Rach...

Mara Xiong

Co-Editor in Chief

Mara is a senior, writing on The Fanfare for the fourth year in a row. In addition to being a Co-Editor in Chief for the newspaper, Mara is also a Writing Tutor, a Regional Leader for the Florida Junior Classical League (FJCL),...

Samir Saeed

Co-Editor in Chief

Samir Saeed is a Junior who has attended Berkeley since Pre-K. In addition to writing for The Fanfare, he participates in Latin Club, Science Tutors, and Origami Club. On weekends, you can often find Samir out on the golf course....

Catherine Amburgey

Section Editor

Catherine is a junior who has attended Berkeley since fourth grade. She is a member of the Crew team, SARC, Orchestra and Diversity Club. When not writing, Catherine loves to listen to music, volunteer around Tampa, draw or aimlessly...