The Fanfare

AREA 51?: Halloween brought many creatures and aliens to the Berkeley campus this year. Photo by Rachel Mintz

Gallery: Halloween Parade

Charvi Sharma, Head Photo Editor November 12, 2019

MATTHEW’S FUNERAL: Charlotte Graham ‘21 plays a priest who leads Matthew’s service, while snow falls from the sky. Photo from the Theater Department.

Behind the Scenes of The Laramie Project: An Interview with Katie Fletcher

Catherine Amburgey, Section Editor November 7, 2019

Berkeley’s The Laramie Project sheds light on how one single event can affect an entire culture. The play featured verbatim interviews of Laramie residents reacting to the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard....

A NEWS SENSATION: The set depicted the true spirit of the play, putting the media on a literal platform. Photo by Mr. Marshall

Review: Laramie Project

Penelope Grapsas, Staff Writer October 16, 2019

As the lights dim in the theatre, the audience is immersed in a news sensation coming to life before their eyes - a collage of poignant news reports and headlines unearthing the tragedy that occurred in...

HOLIDAY TRADITIONS: Beatitones, Riju Datta 20 and Thatcher Crouch 21, gesture and sing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” Both members have performed this song in previous years as it is known as a Berkeley holiday staple.

Winter Concert 2018

Catherine Amburgey January 7, 2019

On November 28, the Upper Division music program joined together for the Winter Concert in the Lykes Center for the Arts. The Symphonic Orchestra, which practices once a week and features members of...

ACTIVE LISTENING: Heisenberg and Bohr listen carefully to Margrethe as she explains to the two men what happened between them the night of Heisenbergs visit in 1941.

Uncertainty, University and a Theatre Teacher

Tess Fuller, Co-Editor-in-Chief January 7, 2019

“So now here I am, walking through the [winter] twilight, to [the Studio 120 Theatre at USF], followed, presumably, by my [comedic friend]. What am I feeling? Fear, certainly- the touch of fear one always...

STUDENT PIECES ON SET: Various pieces featured on the set of Museum were created by members of Berkeley’s Advanced Art class, including Maureen Tanner ’19, Asher Behar ’19, Alexandra Politowicz ’20, Jacqueline Hennecke ’20, Ornella Pigeon ’19.

Review: Museum

Penelope Grapsas, Staff Writer November 30, 2018

Similarly to other Berkeley productions, every seat in the house was occupied. However, this time, these seats were scattered along the stage and surrounded an elaborate art exhibit with white floors,...

BOTH BANDS: Mary Schneider 21 plays the pipes with PDC, along with the trombone for the Marching Buccaneers.

Sounds of the Stadium: The Bands of Berkeley

Catherine Amburgey, Section Editor November 29, 2018

On November 9, the Bands of Berkeley joined together for a final fall performance in the Lykes Center for the Arts. It was entitled Sounds of the Stadium and included the Marching Buccaneers and the...

IGNORANCE IS BLISS:  The moment that a drunken sailor (played by Touchton) discovers Galactia’s painting, he realizes what  his enlistment in the navy has in store for him.

Review: Scenes from an Execution

Tess Fuller, Section Editor February 4, 2018

Two minutes and forty-three seconds. That’s how long it took to be immersed in the 16th century Venetian world of Advanced Theatre Ensemble’s production of Scenes from an Execution by Howard Barker....

BAND TOGETHER: The marching band huddles up after 
their second competition of the year.

An Inside Scoop on Berkeley’s Marching Band

Charlotte Graham, Staff Writer December 6, 2017

On October 26th, the Berkeley Marching Band made its first onstage appearance of the 2017-2018 school year during Upper Division convocation. Samir Saeed ’21 reflected on the group’s performance with...

BENNET FAMILY TIES: Cameron Gunn ’19 (from left), Taylor Hooker ’19, Katie Crino ’18, Anna Roman ’18, Jackson Meyer ’18, Addison Aloian ’18 and Rajshree Chettiyar ’19 all acted as the Bennet family.

Pride and Prejudice Dazzles

David Fernandez, Staff Writer October 24, 2017

This past weekend, the Advanced Theater Ensemble (ATE) performed an adaptation of the play “Pride and Prejudice” under the direction of Theater Director Chris Marshall. Families, fellow students and...

After the Curtain Closes: Cast of the ATE Stage 2 production answers questions after the show.

The Stage is Set

Catelin Lipham , Staff Writer October 5, 2017

On Wednesday Sept. 27, some of the members of the Advanced Theater Ensemble, more commonly known as ATE, took to the stage in the newly renovated Flex studio to put on a collection of scenes with the goal...

LITTLE SQUARES OF HEAVEN: If you love the taste of hot chocolate but can’t seem to find a cold day to cozy up with a mug, then this is the perfect treat for you. Feel free to load them with as many marshmallows as you would like.

Oven-Free Recipes for a Year-Round Holiday Season

Leana Fraifer, Staff Writer April 14, 2017

Here in Florida, the seasons can feel like they blend together. After the Sunshine State’s winter season came and went, I still missed my favorite holiday season comfort food. I tried three quick and...

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