The Fanfare

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Gallery: Halloween Parade

AREA 51?: Halloween brought many creatures and aliens to the Berkeley campus this year. Photo by Rachel Mintz
Charvi Sharma, Head Photo Editor November 12, 2019

Review: Laramie Project

A NEWS SENSATION: The set depicted the true spirit of the play, putting the media on a literal platform. Photo by Mr. Marshall
Penelope Grapsas, Staff Writer October 16, 2019

Uncertainty, University and a Theatre Teacher

ACTIVE LISTENING: Heisenberg and Bohr listen carefully to Margrethe as she explains to the two men what happened between them the night of Heisenberg's visit in 1941.
Tess Fuller, Co-Editor-in-Chief January 7, 2019

Review: Museum

STUDENT PIECES ON SET: Various pieces featured on the set of Museum were created by members of Berkeley’s Advanced Art class, including Maureen Tanner ’19, Asher Behar ’19, Alexandra Politowicz ’20, Jacqueline Hennecke ’20, Ornella Pigeon ’19.
Penelope Grapsas, Staff Writer November 30, 2018

Review: Scenes from an Execution

IGNORANCE IS BLISS:  The moment that a drunken sailor (played by Touchton) discovers Galactia’s painting, he realizes what  his enlistment in the navy has in store for him.
Tess Fuller, Section Editor February 4, 2018

Pride and Prejudice Dazzles

BENNET FAMILY TIES: Cameron Gunn ’19 (from left), Taylor Hooker ’19, Katie Crino ’18, Anna Roman ’18, Jackson Meyer ’18, Addison Aloian ’18 and Rajshree Chettiyar ’19 all acted as the Bennet family.
David Fernandez, Staff Writer October 24, 2017

The Stage is Set

After the Curtain Closes: Cast of the ATE Stage 2 production answers questions after the show.
Catelin Lipham, Staff Writer October 5, 2017
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