Fanfare’s Online April Fool’s Issue

Fanfare’s 2021

Online April Fools’ Issue


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Watson Impeachment Shakes Upper Division


Student Forum President Under Fire for Collusion, Voter Fraud 

By Shrisha Saravana


Caught “Smelly” Handed


Community Service Council pushes the use of yogurt wipes 

By Aryana Makati

Exclusive Interview with One of Chris Leonardo’s 27 Children Leads to Shocking Discovery!


A history so mind-boggling it makes you question if this is a conspiracy theory or not. 

By Saundra Tun


Science Teachers Create a New Element?


Students find out what science teachers do behind the scenes. 

By Kaitlyn Mang


Hayes Regrets New Tattoo


Although Daniel Hayes loves both tattoos and Katy Perry, he has found that combining the two is not has amazing as he thought

By Emily Patrick


The Skeleton Box: A Fanfare Exclusive


Anyone who has been in Dr. Jonathan Olson’s room has noticed the “Skeleton Box.” Speculation has surrounded what it might be. In a Fanfare investigation, I have found out. 

By Alaina Babb


Rink Plots to Overthrow Van Treese


Mike Rink’s attempt to provide statistically significant evidence that he is the best Statistics teacher.

By Rachel Mintz


Environmental Club Secretly Not Recycling


Many Environmental Club members have recently been caught going against their duty to recycle properly. 

By Meghna Bukkapatnam


New Addition to the Prom Dress Code


Zoe Anderson Announces New Safety Protocol To Ensure Social Distancing

By Sofia Peña


The Wimbledon Fiasco


A weekend of unfortunate circumstances that leads to the hospitalization of a beloved classmate

By Mia Steele


The Secret Harmony of the Mello Divas


The Mello Divas caught with devices used for autotune hidden in their red masks. The whole Berkeley community is in an uproar for being tricked for months. 

By Ava Siegelbaum