An Exclusive Interview with One of Chris Leonardo’s 27 Children Leads to Shocking Discovery!

A history so mind-boggling it makes you question if this is a conspiracy theory or not

Saundra Tun, Staff Writer

LEAKED PICTURES: Christopher Leonardo sits with his son Theodore Roosevelt Leonardo for a family picture (left). Christopher Leonardo is seen with his son Robert De NIro Leonardo at a famous New York restaurant (right). Photo by Saundra Tun ‘21

At the end of the last semester, I heard people saying that Chemistry Teacher Dr. Chris Leonardo was going to have another baby. My eyebrows raised at the comment, but I wasn’t surprised. Simply responding, “Well, have you not heard about his other children not including his four young ones?”, many laughed it off, saying “Good one bro”––but I was dead serious. Appalled by the people who didn’t know, I figured that it was time to shed some light to Leonardo’s other children.


I’m personally a huge fan of one of his kids. As one of Roger Federer’s personal waterboys, he’s seen as an approachable and reliable guy. Due to his agile strides across the court, quick hands to capture the tennis balls and polite demeanor that woo the strongest of hearts, he’s the most respected in his field and many look up to him, including the 5 year-old kid I babysit. It was hard to get a hold of Leonardo’s son due to his busy schedule, but luckily I managed a Zoom meeting. Though the wifi from Switzerland was awful, I could see the genuine admiration he had for his dad—also, the similarities in facial features was uncanny. Yet one question lurked in the back of my mind—why does he look as old as his dad? Furthermore, it made me wonder, who is Chris Leonardo and how old is he?


As we talked more, I noticed he became more antsy when I asked about how Leonardo was as he raised him. Something was off. Only after strongly persuading him was I able to get information about the teacher we call “Dr. Leonardo.” However, his son wished to remain unnamed–so let’s call him Bob. In this exclusive interview, we dive into the history of Leonardo.


When his son (let’s refer to him as Bob) turned twenty-one, Leonardo sat him down to explain why he looks the same way as he was when Bob was born. Leonardo explained that when he was 25, he had a wild bachelor party trip and traveled to Florida. As a man from Rochester, New York, he and his friends wanted to see what the fuss was about the Fountain of Immortality down in Florida. Even if they didn’t find it nor didn’t want to be immortal, it would still be a fun trip. Scourging through the everglades in Florida, they wound up at an unfamiliar place with lots of water. In a nutshell, they bathed in the actual water without knowing until 30 years later; when in New York, they all met up again and saw that they didn’t age. Mind you, according to Bob, this was in the late 1800s.


With this given information, Leonardo went through an existential crisis as his then-wife divorced him because he couldn’t age with her anymore. Banned from ever seeing his son, he traveled from place to place, eventually winding up in Florida. It wasn’t until the early 1900s when he heard news from his ex-wife that their son grew up to be a successful politician, later becoming president. Bob quickly explained that each of Leonardos’ kids used their middle name as their last name as a security for not revealing the immortality of Leonardo.


His first child was Theodore Roosevelt Leonardo, more famously known Teddy Roosevelt. 


I asked if he could reveal how many children Leonardo has, and Bob wasn’t certain, he believed his father has a total of twenty-seven children around the world. Furthermore, he exclusively told me some of the identities of his children, including the famous actor who was also born and raised in New York, Robert De Niro—if you look closely, you could see the similarities in their faces. Unfortunately, this was all Bob was willing to tell me.


Could it be that the chemistry teacher we all know and love has lied to us? That he actually cannot age, and has an army of children that could rival the number of Berkeley’s football team? Though the alleged number of children is twenty-seven, the question remains: Chris Leonardo, how many children do you actually have?