The Skeleton Box: A Fanfare Exclusive

Anyone who has been in Dr. Jonathan Olson’s room has noticed the “Skeleton Box.” Speculation has surrounded what it might be. In a Fanfare investigation, I have found out

Alaina Babb, Staff Writer

CARBONATED CONSPIRACY: During my investigation, I found this symbol near the Skeleton box. It was almost as if I was being taunted. Photo credit Alaina Babb

Finding out what was in the notorious Skeleton Box was not easy, but I was determined. My first idea was to look around the room to see if there were any hints. I studied the intricate designs on the box itself, the signs surrounding it, the masks on the wall close-by but still nothing. Until I realized there was one place I was not looking. His desk. After weeks of diligent note-taking, sketches, and observation, I noticed there was a pattern. Every day there was the same drink. A Canada Dry Ginger Ale. I wondered, “where are they coming from?” I looked around campus before jumping to conclusions. The vending machines did not sell Ginger Ale, nor were they available at sage, nor the spirit shop. I thought it was too good to be true. Had I cracked that case? Could it be… the Skeleton Box? Or should I say, the Skeleton Fridge! I anxiously looked at the nearest outlet and I saw a chord. I tracked the cord across the room, through the carpet, around desks and chairs and finally to its destination. The Skeleton Box. My heart was racing. Cautiously, I peeked through the crack in the doors and I saw a light – a light and what seemed to be an endless sea of green. It was unmistakably Ginger Ale. I was in awe, as I’m sure you are now, to find out that Dr. Olson is hoarding Ginger Ale in the place we would least expect. Dr. Olson, protect your soda. You have been found out.