The Secret Harmony of the Mello Divas

The Mello Divas have been caught with devices used for autotune hidden in their red masks. The whole Berkeley community is in an uproar for being tricked for months

DECEITFUL DIVAS: Though The Fanfare only knows about the autotune devices implemented this year, there’s still an ongoing investigation into how long the Divas have been misleading the Berkeley community.

Shocking news! The Mello Divas, Berkeley Preparatory’s premier Acapella Group, have been perfecting auto-tune for years. Finally, they have found a way to hide their evidence. Their red printed masks are not just stylish but are used to hide devices used for autotune within them! The group had hatched this plan at the beginning of the school year in order to impress more students and faculty with their talents. 


This blatant abuse of power has sent the Berkeley community in an uproar. Junior Amanda Bradley ’22 proclaimed,  “I was always so impressed with the talent of the Mello Divas. But now, I found that the Divas have been tricking us for months.” This example shows how students across all grades were shocked and disappointed that the stars of the Upper Division convo have been lying to their audience. 


So why would the Divas go to such great lengths to trick their audience?  A member of the Mello Divas Emily Patrick ’22 said, “I am so shocked that we were exposed! I thought we pulled it off so well!” She went on to explain that the Divas had gotten so comfortable with the recorded performances that they wanted to do something to up their game.


The only question that remains is how the Divas will regain the trust of the entire Berkeley community.