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  • January 23Today in history: In 1773, Captain James Cook becomes the first person to cross the Antarctic Circle.
  • January 23Today's schedule is day 12
  • January 23Happy Thursday!
Alex Livingstone
Alex Livingstone is currently flawlessly executing her job as photo editor for Fanfare during her senior year at Berkeley Preparatory School. While not taking soon-to-be prizewinning selfies, she occasionally snaps a few photos of student life. Alex also serves on the Community Service Council, is President of Model United Nations, runs Advantage Tennis, and plays on the varsity tennis team. If you see Alex on campus at any point, there is a 78% chance she is internally screaming because college applications are scary. She also appreciates strawberry cupcakes from Gigi's cupcakes if anyone feels generous at any point in time.

Alex Livingstone, Photo Editor

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