Hallway Chronicles: Sarah Cohen

Sarah Cohen ‘14 is co-president/executive producer of the Berkeley Broadcast Network, the editor of the Phoenix and captain of her robotics team. She is also a devoted member of Advanced Drama, Latin Club and Math Club. As she puts it, she is “kinda involved in a little bit of everything.” But Sarah still made time to talk with us about her high school years and her goals for the future.


Q: You have finally reached the coveted second semester of senior year. How does it feel?

A: It’s both scary and a little [relieving]. But I’m so close to the edge and I can just like taste the acceptance letter in the mail. And so…emotions are strong.


Q: You sound pretty busy. How do you manage to balance everything?

A: I place my priorities in different places. I attempt to really focus on what has to get done and then work on things that will have to get done in the future, rather than just freaking out about things that might happen.


Q: Is there any advice you’d wish you’d gotten as a freshman?

A: I would say, choose classes for the teachers because the teachers at Berkeley are really good and they’re nice people and they’re interesting. Each teacher has their own story and if you take a class and you really are bad at that subject but you love the teacher, you’re gonna love the class.


Q: What part of Berkeley has had the biggest impact on you?
A: The biggest impact would definitely be drama. I was in Performance 1 in 9th grade so even from the beginning I was part of drama, like I wrote the 8th grade musical, [The Letter]. But even in 9th grade: it was opening night and we were all backstage and then like the senior guys just started going around giving hugs to every single person [saying] “Break a leg!” It really established how much people care about others and it’s a really nice community.


Q: What are some of your goals for after graduation?
A: Well, my number one goal’s going to college. Right now I’m looking to double major in physics and psychology because both of those study the way the world works. Physics is [how] the world works mechanically—everything’s related. And psychology’s really the way the mind works and how people work, and I think those are both really interesting.


Q: What would you say is your spirit animal?
A: It’s the fox. And I’m not gonna make a “What Does the Fox Say?” joke right here, but it’s the fox cause they’re cunning, I guess? And they just do their thing.