The Fanfare

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HEADMASTER SEIVOLD KEEPS CUP: Beginning at 8:00 AM and ending at 2:30 PM, Saturday’s Headmasters’ Challenge was a game changer. This victory marks the 5th consecutive win (and longest winning streak in Headmasters’ history) for Berkeley. The Bucs have previously won the Headmasters’ Challenge in years: 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016. The first ever tie was called in 2014.

Keeping the Cup

Nina Pastore, Staff Writer January 12, 2017

On Saturday Jan. 7, 2017, the Berkeley Buccaneers faced off against the Tampa Prep Terrapins on Berkeley’s campus for the annual Headmasters’ Challenge. Winter athletes from Middle Division to Upper...

LET’S GO BUCS: Bucky surprises the crowd at all school convo to help them get off their feet and cheer. At this all-school convo Richard Shao ’19 was the man inside the Bucky costume.

Pep Rally Builds Excitement

Nadia Al-Hassani, Staff Writer January 12, 2017

On Jan. 6, 2017, all the student of Berkeley Preparatory School gathered for a pep rally in the Straz building prior to Headmasters’ Challenge at Berkeley the following day. All sports participating...

Are You Smarter Than a Berkeley Student?

Raj Ghanekar, Staff Writer November 21, 2016

Name this NBA center from Africa who is tied for the tallest player in NBA history, standing at 7 foot, 7 inches. The answer is Manute Bol. Did you know that? For most people, the answer is a resounding...

Rory and Paris didnt have the opportunity to shop for their school clothes at the mall. Check out that plaid! Yikes!

Rory Gilmore in Florida? How Chilton Holds Up Against Berkeley

Isabella Schlact, Co-Editor-in-Chief August 30, 2016
Was Rory Gilmore's journey at Chilton similar to yours?
Headmaster Seivold (left) awards senior Nathan Bekesh (right) with the Headmaster’s Trophy.

Ceremony for the Recognition of Excellence

May 26, 2016

On April 26, Berkeley awarded students with book awards from various colleges, effort awards and other awards unique to Berkeley, such as the Headmaster's Trophy.

Fanfare’s Top 6 Back-to-School Moments

Fanfare’s Top 6 Back-to-School Moments

The seniors adjust to their new role as the leaders on campus.   The youngest and oldest at Berkeley, the kindergartners and the seniors, enjoy the first all-school convo of the year.     The...

Upper Division Welcomes New Director

Upper Division Welcomes New Director

Austin Cuervo, Staff Writer April 21, 2014

As current UD Director Hugh Jebson moves on to become Assistant Headmaster next year, Berkeley will welcome Ryan Jordan to replace him as the new head of the Upper Division. Jordan will start this summer...

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