Fanfare’s Top 6 Back-to-School Moments

The seniors adjust to their new role as the leaders on campus.

1. Seniors--Janae Noah


The youngest and oldest at Berkeley, the kindergartners and the seniors, enjoy the first all-school convo of the year.

2. Seniors at Convo--Janae Noah



The all-school convo also saw the induction of the new chaplain, Chaplain Carey

3. Chaplain--Janae Noah


We managed to fit 13 people on the Rock on our quest for the best back-to-school moments.

4. People on Rock--Maya Ellis



Headmaster Seivold takes the ALS ice bucket challenge.

5. Seivold Ice--Maya Ellis



UD Dean Ronald Williams, Athletic Director Bobby Reinhart, and UD Director Ryan Jordan all participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge.

6. Admin Ice--Maya Ellis

These are our six favorite back-to-school moments—now show us yours! Tweet or Instagram your best back-to-school pictures @bpsfanfare or email them to us at [email protected]. Have fun!