The Fanfare

  • November 15Stay Six Feet Apart!

Interview with the Headmasters of Berkeley and Tampa Prep

WE GOT THE BALL: Peter Tanner ’19 retrieves a ball that rolled off of Newman Field during the JV boys soccer game.
Joe Seivold and Kevin Plummer reveal where Headmaster’s Challenge came from and what classes they’d take at their respective schools.
February 4, 2019

The headmasters and I stood on the track as rivaling JV boys soccer teams dribbled their way down the field. At 10:30 a.m., the stands behind us were filled with colorful team paraphernalia and excited...

Spring Tailgate As Spirited As Ever

TRACK AND FIELD RALLIES TOGETHER: The head-turning chants of Berkeley’s track and field team echoed across the Doyle Gymnasium during Friday’s pep rally. The crowd’s collective gasp at the size of the team could be heard throughout the Armada. “It’s a huge team, a huge family!” noted Iris Casey ’19.
Bucs continue to show an incredible amount of spirit at their last tailgate of the year.
April 1, 2017

Berkeley students of all divisions shared in the festivities of Spring Tailgate celebrating this year's spring sports teams.  

Berkeley Rows Into Districts

Berkeley Rows Into Districts
April 28, 2016

Here in Tampa, we have a bay that most people in the country will never get the chance to see. We swim, go paddle boarding, or just lay out in the sun. But some students at Berkeley take advantage of Tampa’s...

Gallery: Archery

Oliva Diecidue ’19, Lilly Paggio ’22, Mikae Provine ’19, Alicia Rose ’18 and Batia Friedman-Shaw ’18 can all be seen as they all prepare to compete (left to right).
April 26, 2016

On March 19th, five members of the Berkeley Archery Team participated in their first competition in the Bay Area Renaissance Festival Archery Competition at MOSI in Tampa. “The five girls who were available...

Berkeley Athletes Show Off Their Skills at Spring Tailgate

The boys’ track team prepares to finish the track events with the 4x400-meter relay.
March 16, 2016

Last Friday, Berkeley students lit up the Straz during the pep rally, with everyone wearing glowing blue bracelets. Students at the pep rally showed their support for  tennis, baseball, softball, lacrosse...

Crew Team Welcomes New Head Coach

2014 Crew Coaches
October 3, 2014

The Berkeley crew team hired new rowing head coach Adam Stoll this offseason, hoping to bring back past success from when Stoll coached at Berkeley previously during the 2008-2012 seasons. Stoll developed...

Berkeley Boys Volleyball Upsets Lyman to Clinch State Title

Berkeley Boys Volleyball Upsets Lyman to Clinch State Title
May 23, 2014

The boys’ volleyball team clenched the state title this weekend in an exciting win over Lyman High School, breaking the Greyhound’s 59-game winning streak in four sets. Looking back, it’s been...

Senior Crew Captains Complete 24 hour Row for Charity

Seniors Alex Hill and Peter Tirella row during their 24 hour challenge.
January 17, 2014

Senior Peter Tirella wrote this personal piece based on his experience completing a 24 hour row.  Captains on the Berkeley Crew Team, Tirella and Alex Hill ’14 challenged themselves to row for 24 hours...

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