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Winter Wonderland Eat ‘n Speak Dazzles All

THAT WAS AN ORIGINAL?! Emcee Katie Crino ’18, moves the audience with an amazing original song with some mic help by her fellow emcee Addison Aloian ’18.

Leana Fraifer, Staff Writer

January 1, 2017

Although it's warm in Florida during winter, the Writing Center brought all of winter's wonder to its latest Eat 'n Speak, appropriately themed "Winter Wonderland." Students read poetry, sang and shared their awesome talents with their classmates.

Singing on a High Note

Here the Mello Divas can be seen at the National Kettering A Cappella Workshop.

Anjali Shah, Staff Writer

December 3, 2015

     Berkeley’s very own Mello Divas flew to Dayton, Ohio, to star in a nationally-ranked a cappella showcase. Out of the 112 groups that sent audition tapes, the Mello Divas and nine other groups were chosen to perform. Dayton’s Kettering A Cappella Festival welcomed the Divas, and they sure le...

Battle of the Social Networks

Battle of the Social Networks

Samantha Tun, Staff Writer

May 13, 2014

We all know social media rules the Internet. Just take a glance in any public place and you will see the same scene: people constantly on their phones or laptops, either updating or checking their social media websites. In the midst of this networking chaos, there is one question:  is Twitter replacing...