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  • January 17Today in history: In 1773, Captain James Cook becomes the first person to cross the Antarctic Circle.
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Senior Speak

Senior Speak

Arjun Gandhi, Photography Editor

April 29, 2016

Seniors said their goodbyes at the Senior Speak, hosted by the Writing Center.

Legally Blonde: Review

Legally Blonde: Review

Juan Coste Delvecchio, Staff Writer

April 26, 2016

On the 17th-19th of March, the theatre, band and tech departments came together to produce a musical adaptation of the movie “Legally Blonde.”  Directed by Chris Marshall, the musical came together after weeks of strenuous, yet rewarding, rehearsals and proved to be a musical worth seeing. In ...

Battle of the Social Networks

Battle of the Social Networks

Samantha Tun, Staff Writer

May 13, 2014

We all know social media rules the Internet. Just take a glance in any public place and you will see the same scene: people constantly on their phones or laptops, either updating or checking their social media websites. In the midst of this networking chaos, there is one question:  is Twitter replacing...

COUNTERPOINT: We Have Been Denied an Essential Freedom

Alan Armero, Opinion Editor

October 31, 2013

Students should be afforded the freedom to eat outside the Café. With the installation of the Café, students have lost the mobility and freedom to enjoy our campus as we please during lunch. Instead, lunches now involve maneuvering through a maze of packed bodies and having to experience the same setting...