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  • February 21Today in history: In 1631, Michael Romanov, son of the Patriarch of Moscow, is elected Russian Tsar.

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Students Enjoy Variety of Entertainment at Eat N’ Speak

Students Enjoy Variety of Entertainment at Eat N’ Speak

Chloe Davis, Staff Writer

September 28, 2015

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The Jean Ann Cone Library was the place to be on Friday during lunch to witness the witty improvs of student comedians, hear the soulful sounds of musicians and instruments and see life in a new way through creative poetry. At the Writing Center’s Eat N’ Speak, students can broadcast their nuanc...

Behind the Curtains of a Berkeley Musical

Austi Critchfield, Staff Writer

January 23, 2014

Filed under School Productions

The warm touch of spring will grace Berkeley grounds with a renewed vigor: the frigid cold front will be gone, the birds will flutter about, and a metaphorical song will dance on the lips of nearly every student. While the season brings a tangible lightness to the air and to the heart, it also beckons...