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Keeping the Cup

Keeping the Cup

Nina Pastore, Staff Writer

January 12, 2017

Filed under Showcase, Winter Sports

On Saturday Jan. 7, 2017, the Berkeley Buccaneers faced off against the Tampa Prep Terrapins on Berkeley’s campus for the annual Headmasters’ Challenge. Winter athletes from Middle Division to Upper Division junior varsity and varsity to compete for their school to earn enough wins to hold onto the...

Berkeley Sweeps Headmaster’s Challenge (Almost)

Berkeley Sweeps Headmaster’s Challenge (Almost)

Emma Edmund, Staff Writer

January 14, 2016

Filed under Winter Sports

At the thirteenth annual Headmaster’s Challenge, Berkeley had a title to defend, not only as last year’s winner, but also as the overall series leader. Wrestling and soccer, as well as all of the Middle Division sports, had secured Berkeley’s win, but basketball provided the high-energy comp...

Hallway Chronicles: Ben Milliken

Hallway Chronicles: Ben Milliken

Dina Al Hassani and Theo Diamandis

February 7, 2014

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Q: You have a big game in just a few hours. What is your pregame ritual? A: I go to McAlister’s for lunch every time. [Today] I even got permission to go to my prefect meeting late. I drink four bottles of aloe water. And I just listen to music on the bus… electronic music. Q: What is your favorite...