Welcome to the Tip Jar

How The Fanfare’s newest column can help you.

We’ve all been there.


The first year of high school, not knowing what to do.  How do you study for midterms?  What is senior year even like?  Do I have to worry about college right now?  You have a lot questions, but not a lot of answers.


The Fanfare is here to help.


Welcome to the Tip Jar, a collection of advice from upperclassmen to underclassmen about high school and Berkeley life.  We know the struggles of the first two years of high school, and we want to help every way we can.  From Homecoming to college applications, the Tip Jar will give advice on how to decrease stress and get the most out of your Berkeley career.

If you want the Tip Jar to comment on a certain topic, leave the topic in the comments or email me at [email protected].  If you want to contribute to the Tip Jar, email me.

Emma Edmund
TIPS GREATLY APPRECIATED: Are you an upperclassman willing to give some tips on how to survive Berkeley high school to underclassmen?  Then contact The Fanfare to give your tip!