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All Summer Sixteen

A CLASS OF ITS OWN: This class of young visionaries aims to leave its own mark on hip hop history.

Kevin Kim, Social Media Editor

September 19, 2016

This year's summer music in review.

Fanfare Book Pick: “The Cleaner”

Alan Armero, Opinion Editor

September 3, 2013

A satirical take on the traditional murder mystery novel, The Cleaner puts the reader in the mind of Joe, a closet serial killer who poses by day as a janitor with special needs.  You can’t help but laugh at Joe’s dry, candid commentary as he plays detective in order to defend his serial killer...

Fanfare Book Pick: “A Game of Thrones”

Alan Armero, Opinion Editor

September 3, 2013

A Game of Thrones is a book that deals in fantasy, political intrigue, action, and even a little romance. At first, it showed very little promise, due to a large, confusing cast of characters coupled with an almost plot. Until I was almost a quarter of the way into the book, I seriously doubted my abi...