Status Update: The Steinbrenner

A review on the renovations in the Steinbrenner English building

Catelin Lipham, Staff Writer

If you’ve ever stepped foot on campus, you’ve probably noticed the construction going on in the Steinbrenner and the Cone Library, which started last year. However as October 13, 2017 passed, the student body began to wonder what was taking so long.


The library was boxed up with the librarians confined to the wrestling room, and the English teachers were scattered among various classrooms around campus. The construction on the Frederick Learning Commons in the Jean Ann Cone Library, however, finished on October 24, 2017, and the only question that remains is when the Steinbrenner will be finished.


The Fanfare decided to go to the source and interview Mike Steger, the Director of Facilities Management, in order to get the answers to when the Steinbrenner construction would be finished. According to Steger, the problem lies with the infrastructure of the Steinbrenner itself.


“We decided to replace the structural columns on Steinbrenner which will enhance the building’s longevity,” he said. “The replacement work was not part of the original renovation project. There are several engineering firms on this project and as you might imagine, each is approaching their portion of the project with an abundance of caution. Coordinating their designs and implementing the proper approved shoring in order to replace the columns has seemed slow as they are being very methodical in their operation.”


The new date for construction completion is late March of this year.

Sloane Daley
STURDY STRUCTURE: Scaffolding helps to bolster the Steinbrenner Student Center while the construction crews work on the second floor. Construction is expected to finish by the end of this March.
Sloane Daley
FENCED IN: A chain-link fence surrounds the work site, keeping students out of the way. Until construction is finished, students are not allowed to enter the Frederick Learning Commons in the Jean Ann Cone Library through the Aye Arboretum entrance.
Sloane Daley
LOFTY GOALS: Part of the ceiling in the Aye Arboretum has been taken out to accommodate the scaffolding.