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Venue: Berkeley Summer Programs

What it is: Berkeley offers a wide array of opportunities for students who want to volunteer, from helping out at sum­mer sports and arts camps to tutoring younger kids.

What Students Say: Sophomore Sarah Mohammadi, an avid softball player, spent her summer coaching kids at the softball camp because it’s one of her favorite sports. She said, “I think that I helped their skills a little more and that I made new friends!”

How to Get Involved: If you’re think­ing about volunteering at a Berkeley summer camp next year, you can visit the Summer Programs office or email [email protected]


Venue: Morton Plant Hospital

What it is: Volunteers have the chance to experience what it’s like to work in a hospital, working on tasks like clean­ing arm bands, moving patients and pre­paring rooms for surgery. This venue is better for people who have steadier personalities, who won’t get depressed by seeing ill, or even near-to-death, pa­tients.

What Students Say: Sophomore Ka­tie Freedy recommends Morton Plant Hospital for “someone unsure of if they want to go in the medical field.” Although it may not be completely “medical,” like what a doctor would do, according to Freedy, “it’s a big help for some of the nurses.”

How to Get Involved: If interested in volunteering, call Morton Plant’s vol­unteer office at (727) 461-8010.

If these examples still don’t sound that interesting, then visit Berkeley’s own Community Service Office, or email Ms. Linda Stright for a list of venues around the Tampa Bay area which the school and its students recommend.