Jokes Through the Ages

See what jokes the Berkeley community has to offer!

Many jokesters are lurking around the Berkeley campus, and you might just catch one of their punchlines! During a stressful school day, hearing a classmate’s joke is one of the many upsides of being a Berkeley student.


Need a laugh? Whether their jokes are genius, mediocre or downright awful, here are some of these jesters’ favorite one-liners.

Abigail Ellinor
RAJ GHANEKAR ‘20: “A man got hit hard in the head with a can of Seven-Up; he was alright though, because it was a soft drink.”



Abigail Ellinor
BRADLEY KOLAR ‘19: “A pony walks into a bar and orders something. The bartender asks the pony to speak up and the pony replies, “Sorry. I’m just a little hoarse.”



Nina Pastore
MATH THEMES: Chair of the Mathematics Department David Ide shares some of his favorite math-themed jokes.

Mr. Ide’s jokes:

“Why did I divide sin by tan? Just cos.”

“What do you call friends who love math? Algebros.”

“Why didn’t the quarter roll down the hill with the nickel and the dime? Because it had more cents.”

“Why did the relative prime numbers break up? They had nothing in common.”


Jack Mouch
HISTORY JOKES, TOO: Dr. Partykevich is the History Bowl club sponsor and teaches World History and AP European History.


Students and faculty are not the only ones who love to share their comedic puns. Some Berkeley clubs, like History Bowl, send jokes in meeting reminders to their club members.  Dr. Partykevich, the club sponsor for History Bowl, said, “History Bowl has been at Berkeley since 2012.” This means History Bowl has been making its members laugh for five years! Perhaps, History Bowl member Ryan Whelan’s favorite meme is a great example.

Rohan Singh
RYAN WHELAN ’18: Ryan Whelan makes a meme for the History Bowl team, featuring Otto von Bismarck.

After speaking with faculty, students and club sponsors, it  seems like everyone agrees that jokes really do help with stress, and that they are a good way to have fun with friends, keeping the Berkeley community even more connected.