Try Your Luck at a New Book!


Mira Rajani

A lucky student finds a golden ticket in his book.

For some, the best parts of St. Patrick’s Day are the gold chocolate coins, the elaborate leprechaun traps and the sudden appearance of tiny green footprints everywhere you look. However, here at Berkeley, the St. Patrick’s Day library promotion is one of the most exciting events of the season! A display of wrapped books has been set up in the library, with golden tickets randomly distributed throughout.  By offering 33 lucky winners the chance to attend a piñata breaking, complete with gift cards and giant candy bars, the Librarians and Student Library Proctors have created a new way to get students excited about reading. According to Ms. Arcuri, the books in the contest are “a good selection of the diversity that the library has to offer.” Students are starting to check out books that they otherwise would not have given a second thought to and are finding new favorites as a result. When asked to describe the contents of the display, Layla Ghiai, the Assistant Head Student Library Proctor, explained “The display holds a variety of genres including mystery, science fiction and fantasy for students in grades 6-12.”  This library promotion is succeeding in increasing the number of students reading, even in a busy time such as the end of a grueling marking period. Reading is proven to be a stress reliever and helps students to relax while in the midst of many tests and quizzes. The previous library display, “Blind Date with a Book,” was a huge success and attracted a positive response from the student body. The library events will not stop here though. A new promotion is projected to arrive around spring, although the theme has not been disclosed yet. What we do know, however, is that it is sure to be a big hit, just like its precursors!