The student voice of Berkeley Preparatory School

The Fanfare

The student voice of Berkeley Preparatory School

The Fanfare

The student voice of Berkeley Preparatory School

The Fanfare

    Farewell Address—Aryana Makati

    As I try to find the right words to conclude my time as a part of The Fanfare staff, I find myself thinking about my first time in the Jean Ann Cone Library. The small collection of journalism handbooks in the corner, dimly lit projector, senior editors towering over me…who would’ve thought I’d be dedicating the rest of my high school career to writing stories and building a second home. 


    When I first joined The Fanfare during freshman year, my only intention was to write. I liked English, and I knew I had a knack for diction. Nothing more. Looking back, journalism is so much more than individual writing. It’s the brainstorming, the designing, the interviews (which introverted freshman me learned to love), the editing, the writing, the REwriting—Journalism required me to collaborate with my staff members and rely on them for help and inspiration. I couldn’t write alone


    The 2020-2021 head editors created a warm environment for me, and I hoped to recreate this setting my senior year. I wanted The Fanfare to be a place of genuine support, inspiration and motivation for creative writing. But it took some time. We were understaffed my first year as editor-in-chief, frantically rushing to finish our first winter print issue by the deadline. 12 full pages loosely split between the 7 of us. At times, it could be overwhelming. And we felt the stress of upholding journalism at Berkeley alone. 


     I can confidently look back at this year’s staff and say we’ve grown. 


    Authentic journalism takes a lot of work. But we made it collaboratively fun. Walk into U145 on a Wednesday lunch and you’ll find a lively classroom of spitballed ideas, punny captions and sophomores who truly care about reporting the diversity of interests at Berkeley. We could share a laugh and briefly escape the weight of looming deadlines, only to be reinvigorated with motivation the next moment once we found that perfect story idea. 


    Truth be told, I still spend hours independently trying to come up with a comedic story hook or nitpicking over every graphic-designed detail on Adobe Illustrator, sprawled on my bedroom floor alone—some things never change. But as I say goodbye to The Fanfare, I’d like to especially thank Mrs. McLean and Ms. Ortega for being patient, understanding and supportive of me as a student journalist, encouraging me to work with others; Sam for being my partner in journalistic crime, helping me realize the value of a companion; and finally, Mrs. Ellinor, Mr. Brandt, Dr. Basu and Ms. Alexander for encouraging me to share my work. 


    As a piece of advice for the future executive staff, don’t be afraid of collaboration. Rely on each other as writers, photographers, peers and friends. Sometimes the best pieces of inspiration come from the people immediately surrounding you. 


    It feels a bit weird knowing that this will be my last time writing for The Fanfare, but it truly has been a wonderful four years, and I can’t wait to see how much further this year’s talented, young staff will grow. Signing off—for now (catch me on the pages of the Duke Chronicle).

    A FINAL FAREWELL: Aryana Makati ’24’s senior portrait.

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    Aryana Makati
    Aryana Makati, Co-Editor in Chief
    Aryana has attended Berkeley since Pre-K and is currently a senior. She has been involved in journalism since middle school and has won several national and international writing awards. In addition to journalism, Aryana enjoys playing basketball and creating digital art.

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