Let the Quizzes Commence!

The BuzzFeed quizzes strike again


QUIZ ON!: Learn something bizarre about yourself on Buzzfeed!

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about a random quiz she took that identified what type of onion she would be. I had to know what onion I was, so I took the quiz. While reading questions that asked me about my favorite color, dream house, and which Friends character I most resonated with––I realized something.


This is a lot like a BuzzFeed quiz.


Yes… I am talking about the aesthetic and spirit animal quizzes we all took in middle school. When BuzzFeed popularity grew exponentially during this time, more and more people began creating small, simple, and entertaining quizzes. These hidden gems of the BuzzFeed quiz world are what brings me here now. 


Let the quizzes commence!


  1. Which Melancholy Vegetable Matches Your Personality?

This playful three question quiz answers a question you likely never knew you had. Are you a contemplative onion or a wistful carrot?


Link: https://www.buzzfeed.com/nathanwpyle/which-melancholy-vegetable-are-you?utm_term=.tvxabrdEd#.dqmmGPQwQ


  1. This Chick-Fil-A Buffet Will Reveal Your Inner Animal

Choose your breakfast, lunch, and dessert to find out what animal you are in this reinvention of the classic spirit animal quiz. Are you a spicy chicken sandwich type of eagle?





  1. What Cupcake Are You In Your Soul?

Dream travel destination, favorite movie characters, and choice outfit are just some of the straightforward questions this quiz asks to determine what your inner cupcake is.