The Korean series that took over the world

Beginning as a South Korean series, Squid Game has taken over the screens of one in every four Americans, climbing up the ranks to Netflix’s Top Ten list in October. Squid Game is a fictional show about people in severe debt who are given the opportunity to win a large sum of cash by playing different games from their childhood. After seeing the deadly nature of the games, the players are traumatized; however, they realize they could either continue with their miserable and impoverished lives or take their chances of escaping death for a handsome prize. The games are run by the workers who wear red suits and black masks that have either a triangle, circle, or square to represent their position and job. The players wear turquoise sweatsuits with a number representing their identity in the game. As the games progress, the amount of players decreases, leaving two competitors at the end to play the final childhood contest, you guessed it, the squid game. 

AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE: Squid Game has found popularity thanks to Netflix making the show available to over two hundred million subscribers. (Photo credit: Jonas Augustin via Unsplash)

In addition to Netflix, Squid Game has also taken over several social media apps, such as Tik Tok and Instagram, with clips and pointed out features of the show. The dramatic events and cliffhangers that occur during each episode are what keep viewers hooked until the end. It leaves the audience rooting for their favorite character to win and feeling devastated when players are brutally eliminated. 

Personally, I was very engaged when watching Squid Game. It was interesting to see a fictional competition show where players lived in constant fear of what was to come and saw their joyful, childhood games turn into nightmares. The compelling storyline makes the show addictive and ready for a second season. I would recommend this series to people who like thriller shows and dramatic scenery.