Meet Michelle Khalife!

The new personal counselor discusses her career and experiences at Berkeley so far

Samantha Zophin, Staff Writer

Michelle Khalife is the newest addition to our counselors here at Berkeley. As a personal counselor, she hopes to give students the opportunity to be their best selves and achieve their goals. She has been a counselor for 5 years, and taught at a school in Richmond, Virginia prior to coming to Berkeley.  She chose this career in high school due to her close relationship with her own counselor, and because she loved working with young people. Khalife described her experience at Berkeley so far as “exciting and wonderful,” and loves how welcoming everyone has been.


Growing up, Khalife lived in many places. She was born in Michigan, attended high school in Frankfurt, Germany, went to college in Portland, Oregon and most recently lived in Richmond, Virginia. Outside of school, Khalife enjoys doing yoga, explaining how she could “go to a yoga class everyday and teach it to other people as well.” She also likes travelling, nature and trying food from various cultures. As someone who loves nature, her favorite parts of living in Florida include the landscape, wildlife and tropical plants. 


Khalife will be an amazing addition to the Berkeley community, as she is very kind to everyone around her and cares about the well-being of students.

JOINING THE CREW: Mrs. Khalife discusses her experiences so far as a new Buccaneer living in a new state.