Charlotte Graham

Catherine Amburgey, Co-Editor in Chief

Q: What was your first impression of Ms. Frank? 


A: I started Latin in fifth grade but I didn’t come to Berkeley until ninth grade. Ms. Frank was my Latin teacher in ninth grade, tenth grade and eleventh grade. When I came in ninth grade, I was the only student new to Berkeley in my Latin class. Ms. Frank is always very welcoming, very kind and just very supportive. Even though I was new and I was a little bit behind the curriculum, she was always there for me.


Q: How has Ms. Frank been there for you over the years? 


A: She was always there throughout all those times. One of the funny things that people always comment on is how much time I and everyone else spend in the Latin room. That honestly was just because of Ms. Frank, because she has a big ability to bring people together. For me personally, her classes have always been difficult and challenged me, especially AP Latin. She really taught me how to study well. She also helped me become a leader of Latin club. I was the historian in sophomore year and then the co-president junior year, so from her, not only did I improve my academic abilities but also my leadership.


Q: What are your favorite memories of Ms. Frank? 


A: One of my favorite memories was from State Latin Forum sophomore year. On the last night, Ms. Frank invites everyone into her hotel room and orders us Chinese food. We play games and chill. It’s always been a great tradition.


Q: How would you describe Ms. Frank? 


A: She’s introverted, so if you didn’t really get to know her, you might assume that she’s something that she’s not. But Ms. Frank, if you really get to know her, is the nicest person. She loves everyone and she’s super supportive. She’s funny. We have [had] so many inside jokes over the past three years, and latin classes are some of the funniest memories of high school. We laugh a lot, but she also challenges us. Always [being] there for us is probably how I would describe her most.


Q: I know your two older brothers also took Latin and knew Ms. Frank very well. How has she impacted your family? 


A: My brothers haven’t had a lot of the teachers that I’ve had just because my oldest brother graduated in 2016. But both my brothers had Ms. Frank and both of them had her for three years just like me. It’s a common experience for us, and it also was a common experience for her to have three Graham kids. I think she always loved my family, and I was excited that I got three great years with her.