Weston Poe ’22

Rachel Mintz, Section Editor

Q: What are the first words that come to mind when you think of Ms. Frank?


A: She’s very straightforward. Direct. She was very sincere… and she cared a lot about all her students […] She was very straightforward with her students about her expectations, but if we had concerns or questions she was always very open to hearing them. So I think “sincere,” but frank comes to mind also.


Q: What is your favorite memory of Ms. Frank?


A: When I was a freshman, she gave me this grammar book. It’s called Allen and Greenough, and she told me that I could study it because she knew that I took the grammar test at competitions and was really into grammar. I didn’t really have a book before; I kind of just figured it out. Well, I had textbooks, but this is like the grammar Bible, so she gave it to me. That was a moment that stood out to me because she cared about me enough to give me the book. I could use it to study and she believed that I would do well on the grammar test enough to give me the book. That was a good memory for sure.


Q: What was your favorite story Ms. Frank told you about her life?


A: She talked about why she became a teacher sometimes. She had a family member–I think it was an aunt or a cousin–but she was a Latin teacher and she gave Ms. Frank all of her books. That’s one of the reasons why Ms. Frank has a ton of Latin books. Anyway, she was a Latin teacher, and she would write Ms. Frank letters in Latin when Ms. Frank was a little kid. Ms. Frank said her Mom knew a little bit of Latin so she could help her translate, but one of her big goals was to translate the letter and then as she got older, she could do it. She said that that’s the main reason she took Latin, because her brother didn’t take Latin, but she decided to. I think that’s what inspired her to become a Latin teacher, but I just thought that was a cool story.


Q: How do you feel she impacted your life?


A: She’s really impacted my life […] like she gave me the books. She gave me quite a few books over time. She made me a stronger Latin student of course. Freshman year, she told me I should take AP Latin as a sophomore. So I went from Honors Three to AP. Second semester, she worked with me individually to do that. It was my own thing, but she worked with me every study hall and stuff like that. I spent a lot of time with her […] I didn’t know I was really capable of doing that, and she always said I was good at Latin, but it meant a lot that she believed in me enough to push me to do that. And I ended up loving it [….] That was just a really great experience because I really love Latin. My class as a freshman was great and all but I don’t know, it was not the same [as AP]. I was glad to work with her on that level and see that she cared enough about me and my love of Latin and also thought I was capable of something like that as a student. I think it really helped me believe in myself and that I am capable of a lot more than I think I am.