Review of Post Malone’s “Hollywood’s Bleeding” Album

New Album displays his ability to infuse different genres and his catchy songwriting

Rachel Mintz, Staff Writer

On September 6th, Post Malone’s “Hollywood’s Bleeding” album reached $200,000 in sales and more than 350 million streams the week after the album was released. This album differs from the rap heavy hits such as “Money Made Me Do It” from 2016, as Post Malone started experimenting with pop-inspired tunes. The change displays his multifaceted music talent and style. Lead singles that were released before the drop of “Hollywood’s Bleeding” include: “Wow,” “Goodbyes” and “Sunflower.” Since each song brought a new flavor and vibe to Post Malone’s discography, fans didn’t know if “Hollywood’s Bleeding” would sound cohesive. Thankfully, the album had the perfect mix of pop and powerful lyrics. 

One of my personal favorites includes “Allergic,” which brings an alternative sound to the rapper’s usual pop and hype. His tone seems to be almost regretful. His sad voice attempts to extend the truth to those who have gone through tough times.

”Enemies,” featuring DaBaby is different in that it is more upbeat, in addition to being a fan favorite. Being a fan of DaBaby myself, I can say this is one of the best songs on the album because of its upbeat tone and meaning. It is hard for one not to sing along to “sorry that you can’t get over me!”

Another popular song, “Circles,” is unlike the energetic beat of “Enemies.” “Circles” has a slower pace. Post Malone sings about confusion and loneliness in relationships and life itself. Post Malone also sings about fear in his relationships, telling himself and another to “run away.”

Post Malone was in Tampa Bay on October 24th, 2019, for his tour from San Francisco to Denver to Miami. Due to the overwhelming popularity and success of “Hollywood’s Bleeding,”  all his concerts have sold out. As one of those fans, I agree that “Hollywood’s Bleeding” is one of the best albums released in 2019.

Post Malone’s concert was fantastic! Starting off with “Hollywood’s Bleeding” and ending with arguably his most famous song “Congratulations.” Post Malone was giving it his all the entire time. The fans were left in awe as Post Malone would go from singing about heartache to smashing a guitar on stage. Post Malone’s concert was the best of the year!

ALBUM IN BLACK: The cover of “Hollywood’s Bleeding” is darker and more mysterious than his previously light and eye catching albums. Album Cover from Post Malone.