Sounds of the Stadium: The Bands of Berkeley

The Marching Buccaneers and the Pipe and Drum Corps join together to perform the songs they spent the first semester perfecting.

Catherine Amburgey, Section Editor

On November 9, the Bands of Berkeley joined together for a final fall performance in the Lykes Center for the Arts.

It was entitled Sounds of the Stadium and included the Marching Buccaneers and the Pipe and Drum Corps (PDC). Megan Gorsky ’20, Nicholas Hayden ’19 and Griffin Markowitz ’19 were this year’s Drum Majors—the leaders and conductors of the Marching Buccaneers. PDC’s performance was led by Emily-Elizabeth Grams ’19, the Pipe Major, Bethany Schneider ’19, the Drum Major, as well as Stephanie Corn ’19 and Melissa Miller ’19, who are the Dance Captains. Sounds of the Stadium started off spiriting with the “Star-Spangled Banner” by the Marching Buccaneers and the “Berkeley Preparatory School Fight Song” by PDC. Then, PDC began their set with traditional songs such as “Ghillie Callum” and “Liberton Pipe Band.”

After, the Marching Buccaneers performed their signature songs: “Animal” by Neon Trees and, a fan favorite, “Pokemon Theme Song.” The cherry on top was a time-themed set called For Whom the Bell Tolls that was originally presented in Homecoming’s All School Convo. The set included Coldplay’s “Clocks” and Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” Ending with the traditional playing of the “Alma Mater,” the Bands of Berkeley left the audience impressed with their hard work. A special thanks to Brian J. Panetta, the Band Director, and Patrick Fisher, the Pipe and Drum Corps Director, for leading an amazing show!

Catherine Amburgey
BOTH BANDS: Mary Schneider ’21 plays the pipes with PDC, along with the trombone for the Marching Buccaneers.
Catherine Amburgey
SCOTLAND THE BRAVE: Accompanied by the Marching Buccaneers, Megan Houser ’21 and David Engel- Penaloza ’21 played “Scotland the Brave,” the last song in PDC’s set.
Catherine Amburgey
DO YOU REMEMBER: Ryan D’cunha ’21 plays the alto saxophone to Earth Wind & Fire’s “September” that has been featured in many of the Marching Buccaneer’s sets at Football games. Football game show staples include Neon Trees’ “Animals” and The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.”
Catherine Amburgey
CLARINETS AND CHIMES: Amanda Bradley ’22 and Christian Amburgey ’19 open the set For Whom the Bell Tolls with “Westminster Chimes.” Before, Christian Amburgey ’19 skillfully played a solo for “Clocks.”
Catherine Amburgey
A FLUTE FINALE: Bryson Forsmans ’20 ends the set For Whom the Bell Tolls with “For Whom the Bell Tolls and Original Theme” by Metallica.

Here’s a link to the Berkeley Broadcasting Networks’ video of the full show!