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Are You Smarter Than a Berkeley Student?

Raj Ghanekar, Staff Writer November 21, 2016

Name this NBA center from Africa who is tied for the tallest player in NBA history, standing at 7 foot, 7 inches. The answer is Manute Bol. Did you know that? For most people, the answer is a resounding...

Trivia: U.S. History

Trivia: U.S. History

Emma Edmund, Web Editor November 2, 2016

Three Tips to Get GRQs Done Right

Sabrina Saeed, Production Editor February 17, 2014

It has happened again: every history student’s worst nightmare. It is Sunday afternoon, and you have yet to start working on the twenty-five GRQs due the next day. While there is no easy formula to get...

Laptops: Help or Hindrance?

Brett Sokol, Staff Writer January 17, 2014

In theory, a Berkeley student could survive the most rigorous of school schedules bearing only their trusted laptop computer. Berkeley laptops have all the necessary software preinstalled: Microsoft Office,...

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