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Pride and Prejudice Dazzles

BENNET FAMILY TIES: Cameron Gunn ’19 (from left), Taylor Hooker ’19, Katie Crino ’18, Anna Roman ’18, Jackson Meyer ’18, Addison Aloian ’18 and Rajshree Chettiyar ’19 all acted as the Bennet family.

David Fernandez, Staff Writer

October 24, 2017

This past weekend, the Advanced Theater Ensemble (ATE) performed an adaptation of the play “Pride and Prejudice” under the direction of Theater Director Chris Marshall. Families, fellow students and friends of cast members attended the multiple showings and were all very impressed with the outcome...

Trivia: Pride and Prejudice

Trivia: Pride and Prejudice

Emma Edmund, Co-Editor-in-Chief

October 11, 2017

Review of The House of Bernarda Alba

SETTING THE STAGE: The set staged the scenes perfectly. Large, reinforced doors in the back stood for the strong oppression inflicted by Bernarda. The angled windows on the back walls were made disproportionate as to enhance the essence of wrongness in the house. The large cracks between all the boards captured the influence that the outside world had on their home and the lives of all who resided in it.

Tess Fuller, Staff Writer

February 8, 2017

Last semester, Berkeley’s Advanced Theatre Ensemble (ATE) performance of You Can’t Take It With You captivated Berkeley’s audience and left a few, like myself, wondering what else was in store.   This semester’s production of “The House of Bernarda Alba” was no different. To des...

A Brief Letter From Your Co-Editor-in-Chief

WEBSITE REDESIGN: From The Fanfare’s logo to the font of every story, The Fanfare’s website has been entirely redesigned. Click around and explore the website to see all of the new features.

Jennifer Luo, Co-Editor-in-Chief

November 29, 2016

Changing the Constitution is difficult. It takes two thirds of both houses (or two thirds of the states) to call for a proposal for an amendment to the Constitution, and following that lengthy process, ratification by the state legislatures of three fourths of the states. It’s easier to defeat an amen...

A Performance of Firsts

STAGE THREE OF STAGE TWO: The cast of Stage Two ends the production with a live audience Q&A session, speaking about the technicalities in producing the play, their thoughts about the scenes, and their favorite moments in the production.

Emma Edmund, Web Editor

October 18, 2016

This year, the Advanced Theatre Ensemble decided to try something different — dividing the cast into two, with one half working on the Main Stage Production that begins shows on October 20, and the other half preparing a Stage Two Production. The first Stage Two Production had cast members choose scenes ...

Traveling to Wonderland: Critic’s Review

The arrival scene of the Queen of Hearts undeniably captured the audience's attention.

Anjali Shah, Staff Writer

October 19, 2015

This past weekend, Berkeley’s Advanced Theater Ensemble (ATE) put on the production of Alice v. Wonderland. Chris Marshall, ATE’s new director, described these actors as one of the most talented group of theater artists he has ever worked with, and after witnessing the madness of Wonderland come to ...

Behind the Fall Play

Advanced Theater Ensemble has worked hard not only to perfect their show but also to actively promote it.

Sarah Mohammadi, Staff Writer

October 15, 2015

        Advanced Theatre Ensemble’s  fall play, Alice vs. Wonderland, opens tonight at 7 o’clock! There’s something different about this play, however. Shrouded in mystery, details of the play remain a secret to students and faculty members. Advanced Theatre Ensemble actress, Morgan Alexand...