Daley Eats

A foodie’s guide to the Tampa Bay restaurant scene

Sloane Daley, Staff Writer

Sloane Daley
DISCOVERING DELICIOUS DISHES: These pictures are from both Tampa and Chicago restaurants. I cannot wait to share my new culinary findings with all of you, as I explore the food scene of Tampa Bay! Photos by Sloane Daley.

Hey everyone! My name is Sloane Daley, and welcome to Daley Eats!

Growing up in Chicago, I got to try different foods from around the world and eat at some of the country’s best restaurants. Now that I am living in Tampa, I am on the hunt for new places to satisfy my taste buds. I love to try new things, especially new restaurants. I can’t wait to take you on my journey through Tampa Bay’s hidden gems of the culinary world.

Sloane Daley
ON THE HUNT: I am always in search for new restaurants, especially when I’m traveling. Here I am in New York City, America’s restaurant capital!