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The Fanfare’s new gaming column features reviews and updates on the latest video games for the student gamer.

Austin Cahn, Staff Writer

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wait just a moment. Why doesn’t The Fanfare have a gaming column?”


The odds of this thought crossing your mind are (admittedly) low. However, for the select few who’ve had this thought incubating in the back of their minds, their questions are about to be answered.


When it comes to gaming, sequels for excellent games (with even shinier graphics than their predecessors) are constantly released, so how do you determine whether the latest game is just another cash grab? Additionally, completely new franchises are released almost monthly, so how can you tell if the latest game isn’t just another overpriced and short lived indie title?
My name is Austin Cahn and I’ve decided to start the V.I.D.Y.A column for the Fanfare to answer these fundamental questions. Stick around for this bi-monthly column, where I’ll answer these questions in great detail and possibly uncover some obscure titles for your gaming pleasure.


Kevin Pham, Flickr
A FULL SPECTRUM OF OPINIONS: Within this column, I aim to provide a variety of opinions regarding different genres of video games and a multitude of publishers, symbolized by the wide spectrum of colors displayed across this Razer BlackWidow Chroma keyboard.


*Author’s Note

V.I.D.Y.A. is a common term in PC gaming, and it’s simply serving as a bit of an inside joke.

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