Fall Tailgate with Spirit

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During Fall Tailgate, where Berkeley’s football team faced off against IMG, the cheerleaders played a pivotal role helping the Buccaneers’ win by supporting the players and encouraging school spirit. Leading up to the game, the cheerleaders held countless practices after school and perfected their stunts. They continue to work hard for events such as Pep Rallies and other All-School Convos. The Fanfare interviewed three cheerleaders to see their perspectives on the sport. 

“The routine for All-School convo [went] great. We have been practicing a lot, learning choreography

and working on stunts,” said Gaby Algood ’23, a varsity cheerleader, who has been cheering since sixth grade. Even though all the cheerleaders practice together every day, some perfect difficult stunts on their own time. Regarding optional practice, Gaby said, “Some [cheerleaders] have gone outside of school to open gym to work on stunts. One of the hardest stunts is called a switch-up and we have been working a lot on that too.” 

JV cheerleader, Audrey Wax ’23, speaking about her favorite parts about cheerleading, said, “I love the spirit and the energy that the crowd brings, and I love how all the students are always so involved in all the football games.” 

Cheerleaders have the important task of hyping the crowd up and getting them involved in the game. Not only are the cheerleaders helping to cheer on the football team, but they also communicate with the crowd through various cheers. 

Elle Gabriel ’23 discussed the camaraderie of cheer.  She said, “The best thing about our team is that everyone is friends [with everyone else], and it is fun to hang out with people that you feel comfortable talking to.” 


THE CHEER LEADERSHIP: Senior cheerleading captains Taylor Vance ‘20, Tallulah Nouss ‘20 and Rose Haneke ‘20 lead the squad during the football game. Under their leadership, the spirit of games has grown exponentially!

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