Mysteries of the Masquerade

An overview of Prom 2022

Reagan Brown, Co Editor-in-Chief

MASK UP!: This year, the Prom Committee decided to do something new and creative with a masquerade-themed event. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

As the 2022 school year begins to wind down, special events are coming up with the most anticipated event of the year being prom. This year’s prom will be held at the Florida Aquarium, in downtown Tampa, with a masquerade theme. In 2020, before the height of the pandemic, the prom was also supposed to be held at the aquarium; however, due to the pandemic, it was held on campus instead. Now, two years later, Berkeley is hosting its first off-campus prom, and due to restrictions last year, it will also be the first prom for many of its attendees. So, what can you expect if you will be attending this year’s prom? 


First, dress to the theme of masquerade. Most people know what a masquerade ball entails, either from movies or books, but how can you bring elements into your own prom outfit? There are not many restrictions when it comes to dress or suit colors, but if you are looking for inspiration, a quick Google search of “Masquerade Balls” should spark your creativity. Then, think of what type of mask you may want to wear: full-face or half-face, solid or patterned, sparkly or plain? If you are struggling to find a mask, the Prom Committee is selling black and white masks––definitely something to check out. 


In contrast to homecoming, Prom is just for upperclassmen. Underclassmen are able to attend only as a date to a junior or senior. In addition to a dance, Prom also hosts dinner for the attendees, so it feels more like a gala or formal event. There are 10 seats at a table, and students are asked to figure out their groups before attending the event. In convo, the prom committee also revealed what will be included in your ticket purchase, including a tour through the aquarium’s exhibits, a professional photo and a special gift for all attendees.