Brooks Johnson Gives a Final Thanks to the Berkeley Community

Kamora Provine

FINAL WORDS: Senior Class President Brooks Johnson ’21 gives the oration speech and reflects on his time at Berkeley while giving thanks to everyone who has helped his class.

Brooks Johnson ’22, the Senior Class President, had the honor of giving the oration speech. Johnson touched on many of the events of this unpredictable school year, and the audience truly got a feel for how unique the senior class is given their experiences and challenges. It was not easy, but all 156 seniors were persistent, productive, and still had fun despite the obstacles. This was not an effort done alone. Johnson makes several points about this in his speech and encourages his fellow classmates to be grateful for their parents and for the Berkeley community. He expresses his appreciation to his teachers, the technology workers, the security guards, and everyone in between. Johnson’s speech ends with a bittersweet notion. He recognizes that the β€œclimb” is over because the class of 2021 has accomplished so much, but he then mentions that there is so much more to come for each graduate. They have so much life ahead of them, and will undoubtedly achieve much more in the future.

Read Brooks’ Speech Here:

Oration Speech